Don't Bury The Fandom Yet

RIP, hms_stfu.

It had to be said.

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I must confess, even speaking as a younger fan (too young, in fact, to participate in much of hms_stfu's best wankery) and one who was often somewhat minimally involved with the fandom, that this news fills me with a certain vague and dissatisfied despair. While said community was hardly the only outlet for fannish musings--actually, as sheer numbers go, I believe it was somewhat peripheral--its last gasp was symptomatic of a larger problem. Namely, the HP fandom is hemmorhaging fen.

I realize that this rant has been done before. (Indeed, looking back at my old and thankfully-forgotten Sailor Moon fansite, I can't help but note that it's been done before by me. Ironically, the post in which I swore I'd never drop the fandom was the last post on the site. Ah, youthful naivete...) Nonetheless, it does seem to be the case that the best-known writers/artists/communities of the fandom are dropping out or being discredited one by one: first HP-Lexicon, then fanartists like Makani (who seems to have moved on), and now hms_stfu. (Of course, you may well be snickering at my youthful naivete and muttering about Eliza Diawna Snape or Cassie Claire, both of whom were active much earlier...)

As satisfying as it would be to blame some other young-adult literary sensation, I don't think we can point fingers and shriek at the Twihards or the...(What the hell do Percy Jackson/Hunger Games/et cetera fans call themselves?) Dredging up profiles on which fans claim to have been seduced away from the Righteous Path dropped the Potter fandom for another series won't prove much about universal trends; as a somewhat unsuccessful ninth-grade presentation of mine once announced cheerfully, the existence of X proves only that somewhere, X exists. (I also don't blame fans for getting bored; we're human, and we seek variety. After 13 years, a fandom can probably feel pretty damn used-up--though I'm talking through my hat here, as I haven't been involved for all that long :P) Nor do I think we can blame the aging of the original target demographic (though I have no idea if anyone's actually used this as an explanation): there are more than enough fans who are actually just entering DH's target demographic, myself included, and a substantial number of adult fans.

Primarily, I'm pretty sure that it's because canon is closing. Supposedly (though I didn't experience this firsthand, and I'd be happy to be corrected), fan activity was at its peak during the 3-year summer between GoF and OoTP, during which period popular characters hadn't yet died off in droves (see: Sirius, Dumbledore), new fen were entering at a rapid rate due to media exposure, and hints about the next book were dropping like cannonballs in a pirate movie. Now, while movie 8 remains in the pipeline, everyone knows what'll happen, and some of the fun of discovery is gone. Moreover, it's been a damnably long time, and questions of Snape's allegiance have been pretty well played out. Everyone knows these arguments.

So what are we remaining fen to do?

Well--we make things interesting. Write unusual fics. (I'm as guilty as anyone of contributing to the romance glut, but I do enjoy some gen and political machinations--and the question isn't one of romance per se as it is of trite plots and overused pairings.) Ask questions that haven't previously been asked. Extrapolate. Have fun with the damn thing. There will be those who don't enjoy our stories, and that's OK. There will be those who have genuinely moved on, and that's fine and dandy. There will be those who think I'm making this argument up as I go along, and I sympathize with them most of all. But for all those of us who want to recapture the thrill of discovery, I have a challenge: create. Don't wait for someone to write what you want to see. Don't whine about how all the good fic is gone. Write the damn stories.

Now I'm off to disregard my own advice and write the tritest story known to man, which I'll inevitably abandon in two days.

After An Exceedingly Long and Slightly Ridiculous Absence...

Behold. I have returned.

Admittedly, not for much of a reason as such.

For the most part, I was too lazy to haul myself over to InsaneJournal to get my paws on an IJ account, due to various participation requirements for this year's HP-Beholder, and this seemed the cleverer idea by half.
That would be a very small half, then.

I'm not entirely sure if I'll use this journal for much in the upcoming weeks and months--though, I assure you, my fannish musings are as wild as ever. For the most part, I don't update because I haven't got the time, and I'm afraid that that won't change much.

But who knows?

And They Couldn't Have Done It That Way...Why?

Yes, I finally remembered that this thing exists.

I've been rereading Goblet of Fire for an applications essay (long story), and therefore my head has been forcibly invaded by Barty Crouch Jr., who refuses to go away, and who I may in fact be thinking about more than Bellatrix.
An event, I assure you.

As much as I love J.K. Rowling, I am forced to conclude that she was writing this book under the influence. I believe it's been mentioned before that Voldemort's evil plot could be explained only by Barty and Voldy having also been partaking of various amusingly illegal substances. I won't go into that now (they are, technically, both supposed to be insane.).

Actually, what I was wondering was a little more trite.
Is there a length limit on names shown by the Marauders' Map? Only the first and last name are ever shown, but since Harry never observes anyone with a particularly long name, we don't find out if there's a limit. If so...

Why, in the name of Dumbledore, couldn't the map have shown 'Bartemius Crouch Jr.' when Harry happened to notice Barty, in his role as Moody, sneaking around the castle in the dead of night? Are two extra letters two too many?

I suppose that that would have been too easy. But still.

Let The Insanity Begin


I suppose I should explain why I'm here.

If you're reading this, you likely know me as Slytherite on, DeviantArt, and FictionAlley.
Very imaginative, am I not?

Anyway, this is where I introduce myself. Hello. I'm Madeleine, Harry Potter fanatic extraordinaire.

I have now introduced myself.

More specifics, you say. Very well. My favorite character is currently Bellatrix Lestrange, although that may well change. My favorite book is Goblet of Fire. I ship Ron/Harry, VoldemortxBellatrix, and a whole host of other, variously random, pairings, up to and including Dumbledore/Pillow. (Long story.)
I write fanfiction, although I have a hard time sticking to one story for long. Mostly I write darkfics about the Death Eaters, because I am yet another of those small (I'm 5'7), squeaky (or not), relatively annoying fangirls who thinks Voldemort is just SOOOOO COOOOOOOL. However, I do it ironically, because I am not content to annoy only one demographic at a time.

Herein will be posted various Harry Potter-related tidbits, most of them concerning the fandom, others of that fine breed known as crackfics. Enjoy.
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